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Sunil Chris’ 3rd Kannada praise and worship album project “Ninna Sthuthisuve” began somewhere in the year 2011.  The album has 10 songs and all are praise and worship songs.

The project began in the year 2011 with the funds pouring in and in the year 2012, sufficient funds for sequencing was accumulated and the sequencing commenced and went on for 10 days.  Shadrach Solomon composed and arranged the music for this album and the sequencing was done by him.  Bro. Chandru encouraged us with the prayer and Bible reading on every morning these 10 days.

After the sequencing, there was 2-year gap because of insufficient funds, and in the year 2014, funds started to pour in again by His grace, and the recording in studio began on June 9, 2014.

June 9th, Sunil Chris and Mable Habakkuk recorded their tracks for this album.  The recording happened from 10 am to 8 pm at Shadrach Solomon Studio.

June 10th, Archana and group recorded their harmony parts for the album at Shadrach Solomon Studio.  This recording started from 12 pm and ended at 5:30 pm.

June 30th, Bruce Lee Mani recorded 2 out of 6 tracks of guitaring and Sunil Chris completed his 2 other solos at Shadrach Solomon Studio.  This recording happened from 11 am to 7:30 pm.

July 7th, Bruce Lee Mani recorded another 3 tracks at his studio, TAAQADEMY. 

July 14th, Bruce Lee Mani completed his guitaring with recording the last and final of his tracks at TAAQADEMY.  This was an acoustic song, Spanish in genre, called “Sthuthipe.”

The cover photo of Sunil Chris was shot by Anand Vashudas, Kenneth Ingram (Kenny), and Damodar (Damu) at Deep Woodz Home Stay, Coorg on July 6th.

All the 10 songs are in the folders of Shadrach computer waiting for to be mixed and mastered by him.  The expected date would be within August 15, 2014.

However, with Shadrach's extreme busy schedule,
the mixing ended in mid September 2014, and mastering ended up on September 17th through 19th, just in time before his departure to London on a music program.

With all such problems and obstructions, the mastering CD was handed over to the company for copies on September  20, 2014.

On October 2nd, we received the CDs.

On October 4th, Pastor Santosh of Amazing Grace AG Church of NS Palya blessed and dedicated the CDS.

On October 5th, Rev. Solomon Thomas of Shanthi Church, Wilson Garden, Bangalore, prayed and released the album and we had the debut sales of the album that day.  Rest, you can find it in the updates!

All glory to Lord Jesus!
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